The product



ACROSOLS® (Scope registrated design and exclusivity) is a structure that enables the stabilization of grounds without any or very few previous excavation works. Thanks to a light metallic structure, easy to place and draining, it replaces a retaining wall. The dimensions of the structures are calculated according to the surfaces to reinforce, the geological data and the expected overweights (buildings, roads, access…).

These essential assets make of Acrosols the ideal solution for your reinforcement works and ground support/stabilization. A light metallic structure, easy to place and draining to stabilize your grounds.

The advantages

  • Placement with a very limited excavation work to avoid the ground destabilization.
  • Control of the cramping when placing the structure
  • Application of a uniform pressure on the ground, the structure is plastered thanks to a jack up to the calculated service traction for the cramping.
  • Draining structure implying an almost nil hydrostatic pressure.
  • The structure can be placed as a reinforcing point in the ground in some configurations ( tracks creation, embankment stabilization…)
  • Landscape integration ( example: vegetable wall aspect, graded stones filling)
  • Quick and economic solution

Fields of use

  • Ground support and reinforcement works
  • Roadworks
  • Pylons and banks reinforcement
  • Forced pype reinforcement
  • Hill holding
  • Pontoon building
  • Enlargement of private terraces

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